Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Math Test Friday

Hi everyone,

This Friday, we will be having our first Math Test of the year!  (I'm excited... I wonder if the students are!).  This test will focus on reading, writing, and representing numbers to 100,000.  Decimal representations will be next week, so they will not be on this assessment.

The three forms of representing numbers will be:  standard form, written form, and expanded form.

Standard form is how we usually see numbers... as a set of digits, grouped by threes (called "periods") into units, thousands, millions, etc.
e.g.,      489, 337
       (thousands)   (units)

In written form, this would look like: four hundred eighty-nine thousand, three hundred thirty-seven
In expanded form, it would be: 400,000 + 80,000 + 9,000 + 300 + 30 + 7

Please watch the following video from Khan Academy to review how to express the expanded form of a number.  Students should also be able to give the value of the digits in the standard form of the number.

Success criteria for writing numbers in written form are as follows (generated by students):

  • comma after "thousand"
  • hyphen after "-ty" (e.g., thirty-one), but NOT when a -ty is used on its own (e.g., forty thousand)
  • spell check!  Words are on the wall!
  • no millions or higher in grade 5!
  • no "and" unless it's for a decimal
We will review all concepts before Friday's assessment.  Students are encouraged to bring notebooks home to review notes, however it is essential that all notebooks are at school during instructional time. 

Thank you!  Have a great evening!
Mrs. Skelton Wright :)

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