Sunday, 15 October 2017

October Update

Hi everyone,

With the cooler weather upon us, we are reminded that winter is not too far away.  With that being said, we are strongly encouraging all students to have an appropriate pair of indoor shoes that can be used for phys. ed. classes as well. Being in the portable, we strive to keep our custodian's job minimal by being responsible members of the school community :)

In the month of September, our office's data shows us that 58% of Grade 5 students had perfect attendance.  Being present for lessons is an important component of successful learning, and students who are away miss key concepts and important class discussions, even if they "catch up" upon return. Students who arrive to school late disrupt the learning of those already engaged in tasks, so we ask that attendance and punctuality become a priority for our students. Thank you for your support with this :)

We are in the beginning stages of our Dance unit for the Arts.  Please communicate with Miss Barrett or me if you have any restrictions on your child's participation, so that we can arrange alternate instruction/lessons for them in this area.

Upcoming Dates:
There is a PD Day this Friday, October 20 and a Character Ed assembly on Friday, October 27 at 11:45.  Please remind your child to continue practicing and preparing for the weekly multiplication and map quizzes that happen on Day 2. 
If your child tells you he or she has no homework, multiplication practice could be the answer! A particular focus on the 6, 7, 8, 12 times tables is strongly encouraged, as these are where students' overall scores are weakest.  

Thank you!  Have a great week,
Mrs. Skelton Wright

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